I selling my artwork &leather crafts so far at www.etsy.com. I will be putting  some more jewelry on my website soon .If you want  to see more painting or my designed jewelry we can set up a time &  date if you want to come to my studios. You can text me at 613 361 2571, please

 All of my 11 by 14 are $36 (on frame)and with wire or rope and hook for than.

 All of my( 8x10) painting is $45 dollar (on frame  ) with the wire or rope and hook for than

 I am selling  my artwork &leather jewelry & crafts :  www.etsy.ca


I have a studio in apple hill Ontario if you want to see more of my designed jewelry and my painting & leather crafts.

My Studio in Alexandria  Ontario. You have to set up an appointment for my both studios time &day by

  phone: 613 361 2571 ( text only please) or my contact page. on my website please.