Tiny bird design




Tiny Bird Design Company is where you can buy different & interesting kinds of designed jewelry pieces like polymer clay jewelry & leather jewelry & so much more. You can buy some nice & interesting oil & acrylic painting & leather crafts from my both workshop too.

   I have 2  locations for my workshop

1: Tiny Bird Design workshop in my apartment  Alexandria Ontario for my jewelry for my online store only.

 2: Tiny Bird Design workshop in my rent space in Apple Hill Ontario for my acrylic & oil painting & Crafts.


   If you want to come to pick up your order at my workshops. You have to set up a time & day because I do not which workshop I would be working from.

        You can use my contact page on my website.

 phone: 613 361 2571 (text only please)



. I am selling my designed jewelry at  Debra Hand Make Jewelry on Facebook


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